Systemic Enzyme

Systemic Enzyme support for immunilogical, cardiovascular and respiratory health

Vegan Formula


  • ASTRAZYME Systemic Enzymes’ Formula is Designed to Accelerate, Support and Maximize Recuperation and Recovery with Nattokinase, Seaprose-S, Combined with EnzymEnergized Probiotic/Enzyme and Mineral Blends which Enhance the Systemic Enzymes Therapeutic effect. This Super Potent, Plant Based, Protease Organic Blend is acid Resistant, Works in a Broad pH range, and are Transported Through the Digestive System Intact, Enabling the Absorption of Protein
  • AstraZyme’s SYSTEMIC ENZYME is an Essential Blend of FULL SPECTRUM Pant-Based Systemic Enzymes Designed to Accelerate and Support the Body’s Recuperation and Recovery of Athletic Activity and/or Workout Regimen
  • AstraZyme Systemic Enzymes Utilizes the Purest Quality Cultured Enzymes , Formulated to Obtain the Highest Pure Concentrations of Activity. They are then Blended with Energized Co-enzymes to Further Enhance their Performance
  • AstraZyme is a Proprietary and Clinically Proven Combination of Enzymes and Herbs, takes the Digestive and Absorption of Protein to its HIGHEST LEVEL. You are What You Absorb
  • To Obtain the Maximum Activity, take Three (3) Capsules with a glass of Water on an Empty Stomach (2 Hours before or after your Last Meal) Preferably Before Bed