Digestive Enzyme

DIGESTIVE ENZYME is a Pure Blend of Full Spectrum Plant-Based Digestive Enzymes Formula Designed to Accelerate and Support the Digestion and Elimination of food

Vegan Formula


  • ASTRAZYME DIGESTIVE ENZYME Utilizes the Purest Quality Cultured Enzymes then Formulated to Obtain the Highest Concentrations of Activity.  They are then Blended with Energized Co-Enzymes to Further Enhance Performance. AstraZyme Products are Clinically Proven for the Health of both Men and Women
  • Supplementing your Meals with AstraZyme DIGESTIVE ENZYMES’ Blend of 13 Enzymes Plus EnzymEnergized Probiotic/Enzyme and Mineral Blends, Supports the Body’s Wellness and Ability to Fully Digest and Utilize Food and Nutritional Supplements, Making Nutrients more Bioavailable
  • DIGESTIVE ENZYMES 93 Vegetarian Capsules are FREE of any Fillers, Dairy, Wheat, Soy, Eggs, Fish, Crustacean Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Artificial Color, Flavors or Preservatives. DIGESTIVE ENZYMES are Biologically Active and Work Across a Broad PH Range, Allowing Them to be Utilized Throughout the Digestive Tract
  • Benefits of Taking AstraZyme are: Increased Energy Levels, Decrease in Food Consumption, Relief from Occasional Gas and Bloating, Enhanced Vitamin and Mineral Absorption, Initial Weight Loss, Slowing the Aging Process
  • To Obtain the Maximum Strength and Activity of AstraZymes’ Digestive Enzymes: Take One (1) capsule with a Glass of Water Within Ten Minutes of Every Meal (from 5 minutes before to five minutes after you start eating)